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The Mixamo team is thrilled to be part of the Tornado Twins' Game Challenge, presented by CG society. For years Mixamo has wanted to show support to the CG Society community. Mixamo gladly supports the contestants by bringing their games to life with our Animation, Character, and Auto-Rigging technology. For the first time in a contest Mixamo will be granting each participant an All Access pass, enabling unlimited use of our services for the duration of the contest. Mixamo will also contribute to the challenge's fourth jury prize, offering winners a choice between 90 free days of All Access or 25% off a one year All Access license.

“The Tornado Twins' Game Challenge gives us the opportunity to support 3D artists of the highest caliber as they work to develop innovative games around a common theme. Like Mixamo, the Game Challenge is about promoting the game development community, its creativity, artistry and sense of innovation. We are very proud to be a sponsor and to offer All Access passes, providing them with a huge shortcut, saving valuable time and effort."

- Stefano Corazza, co-founder and CEO of Mixamo

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Step 3 Import your characters and animations from Mixamo directly into your game engine or 3D program of choice.

For more details about the process, watch the video above or browse through our tutorials page.

Sign up here for a free Mixamo account and instantly receive an All Access pass!