The Mixamo Auto-Riggerbeta

Preview your rigging for free plus special Beta pricing at download!

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How the Auto-Rigger Works:

1. Upload your mesh
(preferably in t-pose)

2. Place a few joint locators

3. In minutes, you can preview rigging & apply animation - online, in real time

Apply Animation to Any Character Take the Pain out of Rigging
Your Auto-Rigged character will be instantly ready for Mixamo's real-time, online motion customization. No other 3D software required. Upload your mesh... Don't waste time painting weights and adjusting bones. Mixamo's proprietary technology calculates skinning weights on the fly, letting you get back to the fun stuff. See it in action...
Create Higher Quality in Less Time Export to Any 3D Software
Mixamo saves the average customer 70% of motion cost and speeds up project completion by up to 5 times. Check out our low prices... Because Mixamo is an online service, we'll export your character to the file format of your choice making import back to your 3D tools a breeze.

See what our private beta users had to say:

"I can summarize my feedback quite succinctly to say that the rigging and animation application works *great*"
"Very cool."
"The skinning is surprisingly excellent."
"It works great for my character!"
"The skinning quality is great, no errors on my cartoon character."
"The quality was awesome in Unity."