1. Open the Mixamo Store after         downloading the plugin

2. Drag and drop your character from your project         into the plugin

3. Search for a motion, customize & select         preview to animate your character

Character animation
From first-person shooters to social gaming, Mixamo’s extensive 3D animation collection has everything you need to take your Unity game to a AAA level. Browse all animation within Mixamo’s Unity plugin.
Automatic Retargeting
Drag and drop your character into the plugin and we’ll do the rest. Any Mixamo animation is applied to your 3D character in your project in seconds. Watch the full Mixamo plugin for Unity tutorial here.

Adam Mechtley

Technical Art Director/Designer

"Mixamo not only gave us access to higher quality motions than we were able to find [elsewhere], but also provided us with complicated and specific motions that are allowing us to build cinematic sequences in a matter of hours."