How much time and money can Mixamo save you?

The answer is a lot, but let’s dive into details.

The recipe for Mixamo's secret sauce comes from our unique technology. Instead of taking days to manually rig and animate your characters, let our Auto-Rigger do it for you in a matter of seconds while you sit back and relax.

  - Quality of animation across processes is assumed to be the same
- Keyframe productivity per animator: 1.5 sec per day
- Animator cost: $30 per hour
- Animator working days: 22 per month
- Mocap studio cost per day: $6,000
- Mocap data clean up and mapping cost: $30 per second
- Mocap actor cost: $500 per day
- Mocap usable data seconds: 100 sec per day
- Keyframe + Mocap breakdown: 20% Keyframe, 80% Mocap
- Keyframe + Mixamo breakdown: 20% Keyframe, 80% Mixamo

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