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Fuse offers an unprecedented approach to high-quality 3D character creation. Mixamo users can browse through a vast number of mesh and texture choices to get customized, rigged, high-quality characters in a matter of minutes.

Fuse for All Access includes expanded content and full features.

What is Fuse?

Fuse is a data-driven 3D character creator. It was developed in collaboration between Mixamo and Vladlen Koltun’s research group at Stanford University, with Siddhartha Chaudhuri as chief architect and programmer. With the last beta release, Fuse integrates Allegorithmic’s Substance technology for a complete character modeling solution.

3D Character Modeling with Fuse
3D Character Modeling with Fuse

The Purpose of Fuse

Fuse aims at democratizing character modeling and texturing, giving the user full control over the uniqueness of the 3D character while keeping quality of the assets high.

As the provider of all the 3D content used in the application, Mixamo enables a seamless and direct integration with the Mixamo Auto-Rigger and 3D animation services.

Fuse Features

  • Upload characters straight from Fuse to Mixamo using the “Animate” button. Rig and animate in minutes after modeling.
  • Excellent topology for project-ready characters, previs, or to use as your base models.
  • Create custom 3D characters by fusing body parts together.
  • Character Texturing using Allegorithmic’s Substances.
  • Content expansion packs will be released in the future.

View the Fuse FAQ to learn more.

3D Character Modeling with Fuse

Fuse Walkthrough

Want to see Fuse in action? We’ve got you covered. Here is a demonstration and video tutorial of Fuse’s capabilities.

Start building 3D characters and have them moving about your scene in no time.