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Fuse Fuse is a downloadable data-driven 3D character creator tool. Create a customized character in 5 minutes complete with clothing, hair and smart textures. Demo Demo Full features & content
3D Characters The Mixamo Character Collection is an online collection of pre-rigged characters in a range of types are ready for you to download. Choose a 3D model from Mixamo and be on your way to making your project come to life. 24 free characters 49 credits avg / character Unlimited
Auto-Rigger The Auto-Rigger is an online service using machine-learning algorithms to automatically get your 3D mesh ready to animate. Don’t waste time painting weights and adjusting bones. Mixamo’s technology calculates skinning weights on the fly, letting you focus on the fun stuff. 2 free uses 79 credits / use Unlimited
Control Rig Scripts Free downloadable Python scripts that automatically apply control rigs to any Auto-Rigged 3D character. We currently have scripts for Maya and 3ds Max. Professional animators rely on advanced control rigs for easing the animation process - start animating with the pros by downloading one of our free scripts.
Animations Our online animation collection is optimized for quality and customization by our in-house team of animators. Apply any of our 10,000+ animations to any character uploaded to Mixamo and stop losing production time on sourcing each motion from scratch. 12 free motions 25 credits avg / motion All 10,000+ motions
Face Plus Face Plus is a Unity plugin that enables developers to create high quality 3D facial animation, in real time, directly within the Unity game engine, using just a simple web cam. Face Plus technology brings compelling, emotionally rich characters to life in record time, at extremely low cost. Non-All Access members can get a demo version of Face Plus.
The Decimator Online software enabling artists to adjust level of detail on uploaded objects to optimize for use in game engines.
Customer Support Forum Forum Premium Support
Unity Unlimited+ Plugin Unlimited+ is a Unity plugin that lets you browse, preview and download from a selection of thousands of game-ready customizable Humanoid motions in .anim file type only. Unity users get Mixamo animations directly inside the editor - speed up your Unity development even more!
Future Technology Releases
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Additional Offerings
Educational Partnership

We also have special pricing for schools and colleges interested in using Mixamo for class. Learn more

Custom MoCap Studio

Do you have custom motion capture needs? Well we happen to have a fancy mocap studio! Learn more

Questions & Answers

Can I try out Mixamo for free?

Yes. First time users are automatically set up to “pay as you go.” Get started with free animations, 3D characters, and 2 free Auto-Rigs for your 3D character models. You can also use the a full feature 2-week trial of Face Plus. The trial version of Fuse Basic is free, indefinitely.

Do I need to choose a plan now?

No. Upgrade when it is right for you. You can always pay for assets as you need them (All Access does give you ultimate freedom to iterate).

How many credits do Mixamo assets cost, on average?

Using the Auto-Rigger on Mixamo is free, downloading one rigged characters costs 79 Mixamo credits. Prices for Mixamo animations and 3D character models vary but average around 25 Mixamo credits.

Does Mixamo charge per animation per character?

Yes. Each character you upload to Mixamo is treated as an unique model. If you change the skeleton or geometry of the mesh and re-upload, Mixamo will recognize a new model. Because of Mixamo’s online retargeting system, each individual motion is specifically re-targeted to each individual model uploaded to the site. So that’s why each Auto-Rig and each animation will be charged to you when you download your 3D model. See our FAQ on how to adjust a purchased animation.

What is the difference between All Access and the Unlimited+ Mecanim Unity Animation Store plugin?

We get this question a lot. See our plugins page for details!

Can I get a refund for individual Mixamo assets?

We want you to be happy with your purchase. Let us know your situation by emailing us at

I have another question that isn’t listed here.

Email and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

With All Access are the downloads really unlimited?

Yep! Download to your heart’s content. Keep in mind that for one animated character you’ll need an Auto-Rig (79 credits) + Animations (let’s say at least 5 at 25 credits each) = 179 credits total. If you need assets in volume, All Access is the best value.

What happens if I don’t pay the monthly All Access bill?

Mixamo will send you two warning emails to remind you to pay. If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours of the final email, your account will be disabled. To reactivate within the same 12 month cycle, you will need to pay for all lapsed payment months.

How do monthly All Access payments work?

We bill you monthly automatically for 12 installments of $150 each and you get All Access perks and treatment on Mixamo.

I’m already an Unlimited+ Mecanim Animation Store user on Unity. How do I upgrade to All Access?

We have a direct upgrade path for existing Unlimited+ subscribers. Here’s the steps:

  1. Log in to Mixamo and purchase your All Access pass.
  2. Email with your Unlimited+ receipt along with the username associated with your Unlimited+ account.
  3. Mixamo will refund the amount you paid for Unlimited+.
  4. Link your accounts by going to your Mixamo My Account page and entering your email associated with your Unity account into the Unity Account input field.

Can I get a refund for All Access?

Good thing you asked! The answer is no.