Running in real time in the Unity 3D game engine, Unplugged is an interactive animated short created by the Mixamo team to showcase its Face Plus technology. Taking viewers through the story of a boy breaking free from a meaningless and dreary life, Unplugged demonstrates the kind of quality that anyone can now achieve with Unity, Face Plus, and a creative concept.

Face Plus is a plugin that enables developers to create high quality 3D facial capture and animation, in real time, directly within the Unity game engine.

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  • System Recommendations
  • 8+ GB RAM
  • Fast computer & vid card
  • Stable connection
A Real Time Interactive Short Powered by Face Plus

A Real Time Interactive Short Powered by Face Plus

Mixamo’s goal is to democratize 3D character art. High quality facial capture and animation for 3D characters has traditionally been accessible to only a few large studios. With the Mixamo’s Face Plus plugin for Unity, we are leveling the playing field, empowering anyone with a simple webcam, Unity, and a creative idea to bring emotions to their character. All of the facial animation in Unplugged was created with Face Plus.

Leveraging blendshape technology by Unity

Unplugged will hopefully inspire our developers to be even more ambitious with their games he game industry is evolving fast, and players are looking for richer stories with deeper emotional engagement. Facial animation’s prohibitive costs and proprietary equipment requirements represent one of the biggest limits for game developers hoping to address this. The combination of Unity 4.3 and FacePlus removes some of these roadblocks.

David Helgason, Unity CEO and Cofounder

Levering blendshape technology by Unity
Performance Optimized with AMD HSA Expertise

Performance Optimized with AMD’s HSA Expertise

Unplugged was developed with the technical support of AMD, who helped Mixamo achieve high fidelity with their Face Plus plugin using heterogeneous computing through OpenCL.

AMD always develops its technology with developers in mind, and continues to support important partners in future innovations. We are enthusiastic about Face Plus which will inspire Unity game developers.

Manju Hegde, VP of Heterogeneous Solutions at AMD

Created with Allegorithmic’s Substance Technology

Allegorithmic’s Substance, the smart texturing technology, has been used the create the stylized environments of Unplugged animated sort. Get more info on this Unity friendly solution.

Substance by Allegorithmic
Download the Entire Project for Free and Experiment!

Download the Entire Project for Free and Experiment!

You can download all the assets and Unity project files of Unplugged right here. This is the ultimate “behind-the-scenes” look at how a full animated short is created using the Unity engine and Face Plus. You can play with it, tweak it, change the ending and even re-enact some of the scenes yourself using Face Plus. Go nuts and show us what you come up with!


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Unplugged sponsors: AMD, Unity, Mixamo

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Unplugged supporters: Machinima and Allegorithmic

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