A 3D character pipeline built for game devs
Rapidly create, rig, and animate game-ready characters all in one place

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Creating your characters is easy with Mixamo's 3D animation software

See characters moving right away
Find what works and what doesn’t; prototype your way to making the next great game

Unique assets in a fraction of the time
Get exactly what you want without compromising quality or customization

Flexible licensing and file types
Create 3D characters, use one of ours, or upload your own, then export for royalty-free usage

See animated characters moving instantly
High-quality animations that are automatically retargeted to your 3D character and ready to bring into your game

Let Mixamo's 3D animation software free up time for other projects
Let Mixamo's 3D animation software free up time for other projects
Let Mixamo's 3D animation software free up time for other projects
Let Mixamo's 3D animation software free up time for other projects

Thousands of customizable 3D animations

No need to re-animate a walk-cycle for each character. Search the store for the right animation and get instant feedback on timing.

Use our online editing interface to get just the animation that you want. Make custom animation packs and stay organized by saving your work on your Mixamo account.

Learn more about the animations in the Store

Rig your 3D characters automatically
Get a fully skinned and weighted skeleton into your 3D mesh in minutes without the pain of weight-painting

Say goodbye to weight-painting

Rigging by hand takes a long time and a lot of expertise. Instead, place a few markers onto your uploaded character then let our technology calculate skinning-weights and adjust bones for you. Voila! A 3D character, ready to animate.

See how the Auto-Rigger Preview can speed up your 3D pipeline

Gain expert control over animation

Animating without controls is like driving without a steering wheel. Our free scripts work on Auto-Rigged characters so you can edit animation curves in Maya or 3ds Max. Apply to a Fuse character and you get a facial rig—oh snap!

Learn how to edit Mixamo animations with a control rig
Mixamo's scripts are free! Download and discover how easy it is to edit animations with controls

Create your own unique 3D characters
Let everyone else use stock 3D characters; make the ideal protagonist without modeling from scratch

A character creator with endless possibilities

Meet Fuse, a standalone app that enables 3D characters to be created from both imported assets and an existing library of body parts, clothing meshes, and textures. Character polycounts play nice with game engines, and integrate with our 3D animation software pipeline.

Learn about the infinite wisdoms of Fuse Preview

Levels of detail the smart way

Stop spending time decimating your polycount by hand and let us handle your mesh decimation with our online tool, the Decimator Preview.

Learn about the Decimator Preview

Grab a character and get moving

We have a collection of rigged 3D characters that can’t wait to star in your next game.

Learn about the characters in the Mixamo Store
Levels of detail using the Decimator

With a small team it was awesome to be able to achieve high quality animations with Mixamo.

Demond Rogers is Lead Animator at Bitmonster and uses the Mixamo animation library to get characters moving right away in the Unreal Engine
Demond Rogers
Lead Artist at Bitmonster Games

Get characters moving in your game in no time

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