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3D Character Creator - Fuse

Create 3D Characters in Minutes

Fuse Character Creator

Fuse offers an unprecedented approach to high-quality 3D character creation. Mixamo users can browse through a vast number of mesh and texture choices to get customized, rigged, high-quality characters in a matter of minutes.

Rig 3D Characters Automatically

The Auto-Rigger

Get 3D characters ready to animate in a fraction of the time it would take a professional to do by hand. Mixamo’s machine-learning technology calculates skinning-weights and adjusts bones automatically to any uploaded character.

  • Chin
  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Knees
  • Groin

Animate 3D Characters With Ease

Animation Collection

Thousands of animations that can be applied to any mesh you upload to the Mixamo system.  Each motion is specifically matched each unique 3D character with Mixamo’s patented online re-targeting technology, giving users high-quality animations at minimal cost.

Face Plus

A plugin that enables developers to create high-quality 3D facial animation, in real time, directly within Unity or MotionBuilder using only a standard webcam.

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  • Mixamo makes it possible for us to rapidly iterate in the prototyping phase. We can figure out right away if our game play design is going to work or not, thanks to all the motions available with Mixamo’s All Access subscription.

    David Hubert, Animation and Cinematic Director of Eidos Montreal

  • I am the biggest possible fan of Mixamo’s stuff… utterly fantastic, my next game wouldn’t be possible without it.

    Mike Bithell, Creator of Thomas Was Alone

  • Spending the afternoon exploring Unity3d’s Mecanim and Mixamo. So. Much. Awesome.

    Paul Turbett, Founder and Developer of Black Lab Games

  • Mixamo is a force multiplier. We are using the Auto-Rigger to get characters rigged in a fraction of the time. That means my team can focus all energies on making our gameplay and art work look amazing.

    John Kuraica, CEO of Rocketeer Games Studio

  • Mixamo has proven to be a great tool to start projects and carry out prototypes. Animations from the library can quickly help us to test and refine concepts while our animators polish the final elements of games. Mixamo undoubtedly saved time and allowed us to put efforts in the right places in order to increase the quality of our products.

    David Tardif, Animation Director of Behaviour Interactive