3D Animations (Preview)

Quality animated characters, now within scope.

Instant gratification
See animations on a character right away instead of paying for imperfect results.

Searchable and organized animations
Find what you need quickly and keep assets organized online.

Edit in real time to get a custom look
Use animations out of the box, or edit them for a customized look.

Animation content and software that puts professional animation within reach.
Get characters animated the way you want and get back to making something beautiful.

Professional-quality animations

Thousands of motion capture animations have been professionally directed, performed and cleaned in our studio. No jiggles or shakes, just good clean motion data.

Search the Store for any genre from fantasy to combat and create custom animation packs for download or use on multiple characters.

Try out and edit online

Preview animations on your character to choose what will work, and then use sliders to edit timing, frames and more to make sure each motion is just right before downloading.

Stay organized and save time

No more data loss from bad naming conventions. Save animated characters online for access throughout project cycles.

Combine motions into custom packs with Mixamo 3D animation software.
Mixamo automatically retargets animations to your character's skeleton, saving you a step (and valuable time!)

Retargeting looks great on you

Mixamo automatically retargets motions to any humanoid characters uploaded to the site, which makes for a smoother pipeline and better assessment of how animations will look in your project.

Drop right into your software

Download files into FBX, BVH or COLLADA to bring into game engines or 3D software.

Option to customize after download

Stylize and build on the original motion data by editing in 3D software.

Tech specs

Find 3D animations and editing software in the Mixamo Store
System requirements
Internet browser Any browser that supports WebGL technology
What you get
Final asset includes Animation data retargeted to the selected character
Download settings File type, with or without skin, frame rate, keyframe reduction
File download types FBX, FBX for Unity, FBX for Unreal Engine 4, Biovision, Biovision for 3ds Max Biped, COLLADA

Mixamo is great ’cause I’m just a one-man team and it allows me to get high-quality, high-fidelity visuals out of my characters and bring the scenes to life.

Sam Farmer made Last Life as a one-man team, raised big bucks on Kickstarter and is backed by Double Fine
Sam Farmer
Creator at Rocket Science Games

Find the perfect animations for your project.