3D Characters (Preview)

Grab a 3D character and get moving.

Quickest option for prototyping
Choose a character that suits you, apply animations and be on your way.

Already rigged and ready to go
No guesswork here — these 3D models can go straight into your next design project.

It takes all types
Choose from several realistic scanned 3D models in a range of body types and backgrounds.

A searchable store of 3D characters.
Find ready-made rigged models that can be used right out of the box.

Goblins, Scifi creatures, Knights, Combat and Fantasy characters all await you in Mixamo's Store

No character? no problem

Sometimes you just need to take a stock character and get moving.

Works with our 3D animation software

Jump right from selecting a character to applying animations. You can download 3D models with or without animations.

Search for the type of 3D model you need, all Mixamo characters come fully rigged and ready to animate

Tech Specs

Find 3D characters by searching the Mixamo Store
What you get
Final asset includes A rigged character with skeleton and mesh weighted to bones; does not include a control rig (adding animation data optional)
File download types FBX, FBX for Unity, FBX for Unreal Engine 4, Biovision, Biovision for 3ds Max Biped, COLLADA

Mixamo undoubtedly saved time and allowed us to put efforts in the right places in order to increase the quality of our products.

This is David Tardif, his teams at BVHR use Mixamo's 3D animation software for game production
David Tardif
Art development director at Behaviour Interactive

Pick the character you need.

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