Auto-Rigger (Preview)

Rig a character in the time it takes to get a cup of coffee.

Builds the skeleton and places bones
Place a few markers, wait two minutes, come back and get a ready-to-animate character.

Takes the pain out of weight painting
Reduce the repetitive task of painting weights by hand and let our algorithm do the skinning.

See your character moving in minutes
Curious how your 3D model looks in motion? Upload and preview motions on it right away.

An automatic online rigging tool.
Eliminates production bottlenecks at the rigging stage.

Standardize your skeleton in minutes

Upload any 3D human model with two arms and two legs and get it rigged with a full skeleton and skinning weights in no time.

Using a standard rig lets you create assets that work on all characters, reducing guesswork later in production.

Your personal TD

Spending hours or days painting weights can be tedious. The Auto-Rigger takes a few minutes to get the skinning to 90% of the way there.

You can always make tweaks after download, like adding extra bones or adjusting weight placement.

Tech Specs

Access the Auto-Rigger tool in the Store by clicking Upload
File upload requirement
Character type Bipedal humanoid 3D mesh
Character pose T-pose or A-pose with fingers splayed, if full finger rig is desired
File size 30MB maximum
File type preparation
FBX format Export character with embed media option selected
OBJ format Export character with materials option selected. Zip OBJ, MTL and texture files together. Upload ZIP file to the Auto-Rigger.
What you get
Final asset includes A rigged character with skeleton and mesh weighted to bones; does not include a control rig (adding animation data optional)
File download types FBX, FBX for Unity, FBX for Unreal Engine 4, Biovision, Biovision for 3ds Max Biped, COLLADA

It’s unreal how much time the Auto-Rigger alone has saved us.

Chris is lead developer for p.a.m.e.l.a., an indie game featured in the Unity 5 2015 showcase trailer
Christian McDonald
Lead developer at NVYVE Studios

Rig characters automatically.