Mixamo Control Rig for Maya

Convert any Mixamo Auto-Rigged character into a Maya Control Rig in seconds Get Script From My Software

Mixamo Control Rig for Maya Script Step 1

Step 1

Rig your model using the Mixamo Auto-Rigger, then import back to Maya

Mixamo Control Rig for Maya Script Step 2

Step 2

Run the Mixamo Auto-Control Setup python script

Mixamo Control Rig for Maya Script Step 3

Step 3

Press the “Rig Character” button. (Compatible with Maya 2009 and above. Using Maya 2014? SP2 is required.)

Mixamo Features

3D Characters

Don’t have a 3D character? Select one from our collection of high quality character models or use our free character creator, Fuse.

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Take the Pain out of Rigging

Don’t waste time painting weights and adjusting bones. Mixamo’s technology calculates skinning weights on the fly.

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Animate Any 3D Character

Your Auto-Rigged 3D character will be instantly ready for Mixamo’s real-time, online motion customization.

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Higher Quality in Less Time

Mixamo saves the average customer 70% of motion costs and speeds up project completion by up to 5 times.

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Customer Feedback

Nobody provides end-to-end support for Maya like Mixamo does.

Will F.

Fully animator friendly…Can’t beat it.

Dennis R.