Animation Store [powered by mixamo]

3ds max animation store plugin screenshot

About the Animation Store

Mixamo is extremely proud to introduce the new Autodesk Animation Store for the 2013 releases of Autodesk 3ds Max animation software and Autodesk 3ds Max Design visualization software.Autodesk has integrated the store into the 3ds Maxproducts to provide a simplified 3D animation workflow that allows users to search, customize and purchase motion clips without leaving the software.

Powered by Mixamo, the Autodesk Animation Store offers hundreds of premier,royalty free characters and more than a thousand editable animations for 3ds Max Biped and CAT characters. The animations are automatically applied to the users Biped or CAT control rigs and can be edited as usual within 3ds Max.

Animation Store Features:

  • Thousands of Mixamo animations automatically applied to any Biped or CAT rig

  • Hundreds of high-quality characters provided by world renowed character modeling partners

  • Easy one-click purchasing using Animation Store account

  • Easy to read documentation and tutorials translated in six different languages

You can find the store by clicking on Animation > Animation Store