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Mixamo-DAZ 3D Tutorial: Importing Mixamo animations into DAZ Studio (see full size)

DAZ 3D WorkflowCustomizable Animations

Apply Any Motion to DAZ 3D Characters!

Mixamo and DAZ 3D users, exciting news! Customize any animations and view them on Michael and Victoria in the Mixamo 3D viewer (without uploading!), then download them as BVH files for easy import into DAZ Studio onto any M4/V4 based character.

You can also upload custom DAZ 3D characters for access to the complete Mixamo animation collection! (details below)

Get started

Mixamo/DAZ 3D Resources:

  • End-to-End Workflow Doc: Step by step explanations covering the Mixamo/DAZ 3D workflow.
  • Tutorial Video: See our resident expert walk through each of the Mixamo/DAZ 3D workflows visually.

3rd Party Tab Versus Upload?

  • For Michael (M4) or Victoria (V4) based characters (ie: Aiko, the Freak, etc), use the 3rd party tab in edit mode to select the proper base. Mixamo automatically applies the motions to those characters.
  • For custom DAZ 3D characters or M4/V4 characters with extreme morph adjustments, simply upload them using Mixamo's upload character feature, and select them from the Uploaded tab during editing.

Find Mixamo at daz3d.com: