Mixamo’s Unity-Friendly Features!

  1. 3D viewer: Mixamo now uses the Unity Web Player for its 3D viewer.
  2. “FBX for Unity3d” download format: This download option provides you Unity specific benefits such as easier naming conventions for integrating animation files into a Unity project.
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3D character made using Unity

Mixamo/Unity Resources

Workflows - Instructions of the end to end process of animating a character in Unity.

Tutorials - End-to-end video explanations of the Mixamo-Unity workflow. Includes a much more detailed look at the ‘Animation-Driven Character Controller.’

Customer Feedback

The ‘Animation-Driven Character Controller’ should be a big gain for Unity developers wanting to get more out of motion-captured animations. It not only provides a quick solution that “just works” for moving characters around using their animation data, but also lets advanced users hook into information about a character’s movement to drive more complex behaviors.

Adam Mechtley, Unity developer

Mixamo Features

3D Characters

Don’t have a 3D character? Select one from our collection of high quality character models or use our free character creator, Fuse.

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Take the Pain out of Rigging

Don’t waste time painting weights and adjusting bones. Mixamo’s technology calculates skinning weights on the fly.

Use our character rigging tech

Animate Any 3D Character

Your Auto-Rigged 3D character will be instantly ready for Mixamo’s real-time, online motion customization.

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Higher Quality in Less Time

Mixamo saves the average customer 70% of motion costs and speeds up project completion by up to 5 times.

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Want to more info on Mixamo’s plugins for Unity?See Our Plugins