The Decimator (Preview) is a fast way to create multiple levels of detail versions for any asset. Customize the percentage of reduction you need and Mixamo's online solution will reduce the polygons automatically so you don't have to.

Why The Decimator (Preview)?

Computational real-estate is expensive! So we built a smart way to optimize your assets for rendering all those polygons. Now instead of making LOD's you can spend more time on what really matters to you.

How does it work?

The polycount of the polygonal mesh will be reduced in the most optimal way possible, based on your desired percentage of reduction. Keep in mind this solution is only for polycount reduction - we'll leave the bone count and texture reduction up to you… for now. For best results, we recommend reduction percentage amounts above 20%.


  • Use any FBX file from your own computer
  • Reduce your polycount by any percentage that you desire

100% = 5330 polygons

75% = 3997 polygons

50% = 2665 polygons

25% = 1337 polygons

level of detail on Mixamo mutant