Make an army of unique game-ready 3D characters in a day

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Rapidly iterate on your custom IP
Import your own clothing, body parts and substances

Once it’s in Fuse, one size fits all
Clothing automatically deforms to fit to any character

Procedurally generate valuable assets
Optimize your character production workflow

A modular 3D character creator
Create quality characters that fit into your 3D asset pipeline

Maximum customization

Over 280 customizable attributes enable non-modelers to make a vast range of 3D character types and styles.

If the shoe fits, wear it

Any adjustments made to a Fuse mesh or body type instantly refits the clothing and textures to deform to the new shape.

Limited only by your imagination

Import assets modeled to work with Fuse, and you can leverage the system to build characters based on your own IP. Get a thousand times more use out of the assets you create by importing into Fuse and making ten characters in the time it could take you to make one.

Dynamic textures by substance designer

Allegorithmic’s tech enables you to quickly tweak a character and make it look like a whole new model in a few minutes. Then automatically bake out maps for AO, diffuse, normal, gloss, and specular, all without opening up Photoshop.

Make a unique 3D character in Fuse using customization sliders

Comes with content to get you started

We stock the application with a robust collection of body parts, clothing meshes, and textures. The full version of Fuse is updated with new content during each software version release, every 3–6 months.

For more Fuse compatible assets made by independent Fuse content creators go to Mixamo’s Fuse Content Directory.

Fuse version 1.3

The full version of Fuse is updated with new content during each software version release. In Fuse version 1.3, there are 78 body parts, 85 clothing items, 67 accessories, 61 smart substances, and comes with the asset import feature.

Fuse basic is free to test

Fuse Basic is free to download for anyone with a free Mixamo account and comes with 16 body parts, 14 clothing items, and 10 smart substances. The major difference in features between Fuse Basic and the full version of Fuse, is that it does not come with the asset import feature.

Auto-Rigger included

Automatically rig your Fuse character by uploading to Mixamo via the “Animate” button. Any Fuse character comes with a complimentary Auto-Rig download.

In your face

Check “Enable Facial Blendshapes” when Auto-Rigging to get a full set of facial blendshapes, making lip sync a possibility for characters built in Fuse.

All systems go

Characters created in Fuse and Auto-Rigged are compatible with Mixamo’s 3D animation software, the control rig scripts, the Decimator, and Face Plus.

Yes, it’s really royalty free

Any Mixamo asset that is embedded (think: “inside of”) in a game or film can be used royalty-free, forever.

Tech specs

Fuse is a stand-alone desktop application available in “My Software”
System requirements
Memory 4+ GB RAM
Operating System Mac OSX 10.8+ or Win 7+
Hard disk space ~3 GB
File import requirements
Modeling / texture instructions Fuse Asset Import Documentation
What you get
Direct Fuse export An un-rigged 3D model in .obj format with fully UV’ed body and clothing meshes, textures, and normal maps.
Download from Mixamo Once the model is uploaded to Mixamo for rigging/animating, the character can be downloaded in any file format listed below.
Average file size ~60MB, depending on resolution and complexity
Average polycount 16–25K polys
File download types FBX (.fbx), FBX for Unity (.fbx), FBX for Unreal Engine 4 (.fbx), Biovision (.bvh), Biovision for 3ds Max Biped (.bvh), Collada (.dae), Source Filmmaker (.mdl, .dmx), Dota 2 (.fbx), Garry’s Mod (.mdl)

We have short deadlines but we are now able to create 20 characters a day with Fuse. You can implement your own modular characters in the software, not just humans with five fingers.

Meet Jeremy Delchiappo, an Art Director using Mixamo's 3D character pipeline for game development
Jeremy Delchiappo
Technical/Art Director at DSK Green Ice Games


  • With a free account
  • Fuse Basic
  • Limited content and features
  • Free
  • Stand-alone purchase
  • Available from Unity Asset Store or Steam
  • UAS / Steam versions do not include updates
  • With a plan
  • Fuse
  • All content, features, and updates
  • Indie
    All Access

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