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Fuse Preview Versions 1.3 and Basic are free; unlimited Auto-Rigging for Fuse characters
Auto-Rigger Preview First 10 Auto-Rigs are free
Animations Preview Free test pack (11 pre-selected animations); 20 free animations (any)
3D Characters Preview All characters are free
Decimator Preview Unlimited use for existing Indie and All Access customers
Face Plus Preview Free to download


Become part of the Adobe family

As of June 1st, 2015, Mixamo has been acquired by Adobe. In the future, Mixamo software and services will be incorporated into the Adobe Creative Cloud family of products.
Adobe and Mixamo have similar goals—to help creative minds, visions and projects thrive. Together, we hope to make 3D character art even more accessible to a wider range of creatives.
Adobe is a world-class software company that houses the talent, expertise and resources that go with being a leader in bringing digital media products to market for artists. Incorporating Mixamo technology into this rich software ecosystem means greater ease of use and accessibility for Mixamo’s current and future users.
Over the coming months, Adobe and Mixamo will work on integrating Mixamo products and services into Adobe’s offerings. During this period, new Mixamo purchases such as buying new plans, renewing existing plans or purchasing assets a la carte will not be available.

Current subscribers can continue to fully use the Mixamo service, including all its products, until their plan expires. All plans that expire before the end of the year will be automatically extended to December 31, 2015, at no additional cost. This applies to month-to-month and annual subscribers.

For more details on your account type, please see below.

Mixamo Usage

Yes! The Terms of Service in regards to the usage of Mixamo content like characters and animations is unchanged. You can use your 3D content in embedded format in any game, video, film, 3D or 2D printing or other media project.
Yes. We will continue to support the current download types, including .fbx., .bvh, and .dae.
No! As always, Mixamo content remains royalty-free.

New Accounts

Yes! Everyone is welcome to sign up for a free Mixamo account.
All new users will receive: 10 free Auto-Rig downloads, 20 free animation downloads, 1 free pack of 11 animations, Fuse Character Creator, Unlimited Auto-Rigging for characters created with Fuse, Face Plus, Character Collection.
Not at this time. We hope you enjoy the free preview and look forward to sharing our plans for the future in the coming months.

Existing Accounts without Active Plans

No. During the transition period, plans and a la carte services will not be available for purchase.
We are expanding our free content! All accounts will have access to the Fuse 3D character creator and receive 10 free auto-rigs and 20 free animations, which can be used during the transition period.

Existing Accounts with Active Plans

Yes! Mixamo’s products and services will continue to operate normally and you will continue to have full access to any services that were available to your account prior to the transition. Additionally, all existing accounts will receive 10 free auto-rigs and 20 free animations in addition to any auto-rigs and animations currently remaining on the account.
Yes! Any characters, auto-rigs, and animation purchases you have currently will be preserved. You will not lose any content.
As a sign of our appreciation to the Mixamo community, any account with an active plan set to expire after June 1st, 2015 will be automatically extended until December 31st, 2015 at no additional charge. All of the animation tokens for this six month period will be automatically added to your account. Thank you for all of your support!
No, all accounts will remain in their current plan states. Upgrading will not be possible during the transition period.
No. However, you will be entitled to keep your current plan and receive the automatic six-month extension at no additional charge, including six months of animations credited to your account immediately.

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