Mixamo is an online platform that enables devs and artists to let their imagination run free and be even more ambitious about their games, films and other 3D projects. Traditionally extremely time consuming, expensive and complicated, achieving high quality results with 3D character art used to be reserved for large studios with expensive equipment and armies of modelers, riggers and animators… until Mixamo came along, that is.


Which model are you working on?

With Mixamo, you can create one using Fuse, choose from our Collection, or upload your own.

Generate Custom Characters

With Fuse, users browse through varied body parts, clothes, and Substances (powered by Allegorithmic) to create fully rigged 3D characters ready for animation.

Mixamo Character Collection

Don't need to create a model from scratch? Simply get one of our high-quality, game-ready characters and import them into your project.


Rig your own 3D character in seconds

One of Mixamo's most amazing features is the Auto-Rigger. Save hours — sometimes days — of grindy work, hair pulling, coffee budget, and watch the magic happen before your very eyes in a matter of seconds.

All you need to do, is upload your 3D character (supports .fbx, .bvh, .zip, .obj), place a few joint markers on your character, and watch your character get fitted with a professional rig and its mesh will be properly bound to its shiny new skeleton.

Once Auto-Rigged, you can download your character back in any format you want.


Apply any motion to your character

We have tens of thousands of motion models which allow Mixamo users to not only apply any animation to their characters, but also customize them.

Want your boxer character to throw his punch slightly higher? Your old man character to walk a little slower? Your soldier model to crouch a little lower? Simply adjust a few sliders to get the exact animation you want before downloading them in any format you need (.fbx, .bvh, .dae) and easily merge back into your 3D scenes.


Mixamo’s services are designed to fit right into your existing 3D pipelines. This is why all our products and features are compatible with all major 3D software packages and game engines: Unity3d, UDK, 3ds Max, Maya, Motionbuilder, zBrush, Houdini, among many others.