Hey there! These workflows are old news now; find the most up-to-date tutorials at the Community.

Put Yourself in the Game with Kinect

With a Kinect 2 camera and Mixamo it is easier than ever to put your likeness into a game or film project.

Body Labs to Fuse Workflow

With this workflow you can use the Body Snap app (from Body Labs) to create a 3D model right from your Kinect 2 scan and import into Mixamo’s Fuse to get a customizable character to use in your project. The imported character will be as customizable as any other Fuse character and automatically rigged by Mixamo. The workflow requires Kinect for Windows v2 and only works with Windows 8 or 8.1 (64bit).

Download and install the Kinect SDK, then connect your Kinect Sensor to your PC (SDK Browser 2.0 is installed and can help you verify the sensor is properly running).

Scan Yo’self!
With a single Kinect camera, take 4 shots of your subject’s body in a static pose and 2 shots of the face. No need for a turntable or an operator to wave a sensor around.

Kinect 3d Model

Retrieve Your Model from Body Hub
After scanning is complete, click “get model” to upload it to Body Hub, the body model web app from Body Labs. Wait a bit and your 3D model will be ready for download into .obj file format, already ready for import to Fuse!

Kinect 3d Model

Upload 3D Model to Fuse
Open Fuse and select File > Import > Import Characters. Find your .obj file and use the model for import. View details on the Fuse character import process.

Kinect 3d Model

Customize in Fuse
Take advantage of over 280 blendshapes that you can push and pull to your desired shape. Change hair styles, use Allegorithmic Smart Substances to enhance coloring and mix and match clothing choices to dress your newly scanned self any way you want! Export to Mixamo to get rigged and animated.

Kinect 3d Model