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Mixamo to Unity Workflow

Learn how to use Mixamo animations with Unity's Mecanim Animation Engine

Mixamo to Unity

Downloading a character for Unity - Log into Mixamo and locate the t-pose motion. Click on the edit character button in the lower left and choose a character.

Checkout and download your character as an “.fbx for Unity” file.

Import the file as a new asset.

Select the file and in the inspector select rig, From the top drop down menu select Humanoid and click apply.

Now we have our character file in the project, however we need to go get some animation for it. Navigate back to Mixamo. On our motions page you can search for an animation you would like to use. In this example we will use the free running jump motion. Click the customize button under the motion.

Click download and use the options we specified earlier. In addition switch to skeleton only

Select the animation file and in the inspector navigate to the rig section and set type to humanoid again. Also, under source select the original character file.

Create a new animation controller

Select window -> animator. This will open an animator tab. Pop open the animation file by selecting the arrow next to its name. Select the clip and drag it into the animator window.

As you can see the animation clip is orange. This means that the clip is the default animation for this animator component.

You can now drop your character file into the scene and attach the animation controller we created. If you hit play you will see that the animation plays by default.

Unity Mixamo Plug-In

To get started, the first thing you will need is the free Mixamo Plug-in. To install it, open the Unity Asset Store under the window menu. This is a Unity asset marketplace that offers various resources. To find the Mixamo plug-in search for “Mixamo animation store” and it should show up at the top. Once you navigate to the page, you can click the import button to bring it into your project.

Once you have imported the plug-in, you will notice a Mixamo Store window has been added to your window menu.

At this point we have grabbed a character that we want to animate. In this example we are using a female ninja character from Mixamo.com. To Start testing animations, open the Mixamo store window and drag the character from your project pane to the character slot in the Mixamo window.